About Me

​​I began drawing at the age of 4.. My first mural was in the heater of my childhooh home. The walls were Chartreuse green I chose to adorn them with magenta crayon. I have always loved the combinations of colors I find in my daily life & in nature. I love experimenting and layering with color in my work. There are no combinations that are out of bounds. 

My art has evolved from stain glass as a young girl, to privately studing pottery in Phoenix, Arizona, to my love off all things you can glue, paint, stencil and ghost. 

I began painting when I relocated to The Central Coast of California. Inspired by the wildly colored sunsets and the smell of the sea. I would set my easel on the deck and just paint.

My painted evolved as I began to work on special projects & set for private events. During this time I was introduced to Scrapbooking by my older sister. Then on a bet she said I probably couldn't take 1000 photos in my trip to Europe in 2005. I went traveling for 9 months. I soaked up all the galleries, museums and art I could find. I came home with far more than the 1000 pictures. My scrapbooking turned into collage, into journals, then to mark making with anything and everything I could find. 
Art has become the solstice that steers me through this emotional journey called life.
I am accompanied on this wonderful road by a small great group I call "The Encouragers" and my two pittbulls.

Grab a cup of coffee & a seat. Take a look around at my virtual home.
Welcome & Enjoy!!!

I would love to hear from you.