Art is the rambling of my soul. A place where my interactions with the world are balanced against comprehension. An interaction or thought leads me to the chosen colors and sayings. From here my work evolves. I am pulled from a place of abstraction to completion. A space of deep connection with my work unfolds, silencing my mind and the outside clamour. I layer and journal my feelings. The root cause of my pieces. My experiences. My perception. Some pieces consist of a few layers, others have many layers. Each piece an expression of a completed moment within myself.
I work in acrylic paint, gesso, pen, ink and water soluble pastel. I incorporate found objects to make marks and stencils, using markers to journal through the layers.
My journey began with stained glass.  Taking several classes on studio make up in college; I was intrigued. A short study in ceramics followed in Arizona. Finally I began painting in 2003 when I moved to Santa Barbara. My interest in painting became more prominent after working on custom sets and items for special themed events.
Painting has become a transformative and personal process each work an entangled result of my social interactions. After sharing them with close friends and family I was encouraged to show and offer my work for the world to see.
In 2014 I  relocated to the Pacific Northwest. When I am not in my studio chasing my artistic muse, I enjoy hiking with my dogs, Beene & Shelby. Riding my motorcycle, traveling and experiencing all the diversity this part of the world has to offer.